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What is SAP?

SAP is a technology software that has gained a lot of importance lately in all the organizations, may it be small, mid or large scale. SAP and ERP are used alternatively, however, both of them are not the same! SAP is a software, while ERP is an acronym. 'SAP stands for System Application Products, whereas 'ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. So now that you know what is SAP, we want to announce us as ERP Scholars Noida, one of the top centers for the Best SAP Training in Noida.

We are providing the certification course to all the aspirants, who want to make their future in SAP, or want to gain insights into it. SAP aids the organizations in synchronizing the departmental work, and to smoothen the flow of the work, which can be done with full transparency.

Why Learning SAP Is Advantageous?
Job Prospect- The job opportunities increase if a person knows who to use SAP because nowadays every organization is working on it.
Money- After the completion of the certification course, more and more career opportunities are available for the individual, which are paying higher than usual because of the specialization in SAP.
Recognition- SAP-certified gets special recognition in the industries, as it adds prospects in their career.
Reputation- The SAP-certified people have a special reputation in front of their employers.

So, if you want to rise higher in your future, then you can join the SAP Training Center in Noida today and can take the first step towards a bright future. We are one of the renowned centers in the town, which is offering the SAP certification course to individuals of all age groups. If you are curious to know more about the SAP modules and software than, get in touch with us today, and get in-depth knowledge about it.


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Material Management

SAP ERP Materials Management is a part of SAP Logistics functionality. The SAP Logistics function incorporates several distinct areas that together follow the movement of materials from the manufacturer to the consumer.

Material Management

Finance & Controlling

SAP ERP Financials provides a complete financial management solution for a broad range of industries. It's the leading enterprise software solution for accounting, financial reporting, performance management and corporate governance.

Finance & Controlling

Human Resources

SAP Human Capital Management solution offers a complete and integrated set of tools to help you effectively manage your people. You can hire the best talent, align employee goals with business objectives, cultivate employee skills, and measure.

Human Resources

Sales & Distribution

Sales and Distribution (SD) is one of the core and most-used modules of SAP R/3 products beside Financial (FI), Controlling (CO), Material Management (MM) and Production Planning (PP) modules.

Sales & Distribution

Production Planning

The SAP PP (Production Planning) is one the important module in SAP System and SAP PP deals with planning processes, such as capacity planning, material planning, execution of production order, bill of material and goods movement.

Finance & Controlling

Quality Management

The SAP Quality Management component (QM) is part of the integrated R/3 System. With the functions of the Quality Management (QM) module, you can implement the most important elements of a QM system, as specified in ISO 9000.

Quality Management

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